It’s Just The Beginning

I come from a large Italian family. We are close, do most everything together, and support each other no matter what. We don’t keep anything from each other. No secrets ever. I knew that I was so lucky to have a family like mine to be there through this but I feared how it wouldContinue reading “It’s Just The Beginning”

It’s Real. I Have Breast Cancer.

I opened my eyes the next morning nearly gasping for air. It hit me like a ton of bricks. That wasn’t a bad nightmare. It’s real. I have breast cancer. My eyes welled up with tears and I had crippling anxiety. How could this be? I went into the bathroom and saw my reflection in the mirror,Continue reading “It’s Real. I Have Breast Cancer.”

There’s Been A Mistake Part 2- Fight or Flight

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. Somewhere around my second glass of wine my fight mode kicked in and I had a surge of adrenaline. I told myself and my family that I was not going to let this take me downContinue reading “There’s Been A Mistake Part 2- Fight or Flight”

There’s Been A Mistake Part 1- It’s Cancer

I woke up on February 8, 2016 in peace. I slept at my parent’s house since my boyfriend was still out of town and started my work day. I went on my sales meeting and told my co-workers the good news. I told them it was all nothing like they suspected and that I didContinue reading “There’s Been A Mistake Part 1- It’s Cancer”

Mammograms, Ultrasound, Biopsy…Oh My

February 2, 2016. This day was strange, unlike any other. Looking back I think, what if it was like the movie Groundhog Day, and I had to repeat this day over and over. How fucking awful would that be. But back to that morning in 2016, I just knew in my heart that things weren’tContinue reading “Mammograms, Ultrasound, Biopsy…Oh My”